Optimizing A Websites For Search Engines: SEO(Part-1)

Search Engine Optimization For Website

Optimizing Website For SEO
Website SEO

Don’t you want Google to show your site on the top of the search result page? Simply Google don’t do that. They maintain some criteria to identify best website with relavent search terms. Sometimes you may see your required information on the third page or far away. Its very rare but possible, search engine like Google, Bing… have a lot to improve.
Our goal is to show our site on top of the search result. The way of doing that is called SEO or, search engine optimization. This is free process of getting more traffic for a website. Its more effective than advertizing. Google, Bing and Yahoo are three major search engines and we will try to optimize a website for these three.

SEO Success Factors

Three factors you can consider for search engine optimization. You should emphasize on all these-
    1. On the Page SEO
    2. Off the page SEO
    3. Policy Violation

I think number 3 is the most important part of the process. You don’t wan’t your website to see banned from major search engines. So, don’t try any illegul process to optimize your site. Number 1 and number 2 is the absolute way of getting long term success.

So, create a SEO optimized design for your website, create quality contents and reach relavent people outside your website around the globe or, your target areas.


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