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How to write first article
Write Your First Article
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tutorialsbangla@yahoo.com is our e mail address. Send your article via e-mail. We really want you to write here. Unlike other websites we have some conditions to write here as a guest. You may want to reach more people for your own blog, you may try to do backlink or, you may want to share your knowledge with others. We welcome you for everything except spamming. You need to follow some do’s and dont’s to write here-


     1. Write whatever you want. You don’t need to think about the niche. Just write an article and send it to- 
    2. More than 200 words is enough for a article. We don’t force you to write longer articles. The larger the better but 200 words is the lowest margin.
     3. Put a(not more than one) non-spammy link inside your post. Yeah, we will help you to get backlink and visitors from here. 
      4. Don’t think about quality while writing yourself. The articles of this site are not so high in quality. So, write a new article and send us. We care about uniqueness.

     1. Don’t post copyrighted material. We don’t want to loose facilities from Google. We are very srtict about it.

     2. We don’t accept copy-paste material. 100% unique articles are acceptable. Don’t try to copy your blog post and send us.

     3. Abusive contents are not accepted. You can not write anything against any country, religious group or, any kind of community.

     4. Nudity and sexually explicit contents are not suitable for us. Just avoid it.

We have the right to change those terms anytime. Keep eyes on this article to know about further changes. 


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