HTML Code For Anchor Text With Proper Example

Anchor Text Using Simple HTML Code

Anchor text using html code
Hand In Hand Like Anchor
Photo Credit: Gerd Altmann

At first you need to know what anchor text actually is. A clickable text which helps people to reach a web page. The link is anchored or you can say folded by the text. Very easy and simple HTML code can do this.
Let’s go for the code first then we will describe the terms in it. Here it is-
<a href=linktarget=_blank>Text</a>
You can ignore target=_blank. If you use it, it will help you to open the link in a new tab. Without target the link will open in the same tab. Red coloured link= the link you want to add. Use your text where text is written. Green <a></a> stands for anchor tag. you can use image instead of text using <img/> tag where text is written.

More Accurate Example

We show and anchor text for our home page here- Tutorialsbangla
The above coloured text was made using the HTML code below-
<a href=””&nbsp;target=_blank>Tutorialsbangla</a>

Yest it is as simple as that. Now you can make while making a post on blogger or, other web pages which support HTML tags. Fell free to comment if you have anything to discuss.

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