How To Create Moving Text Using HTML Code?

Photo Credit: Gerd Altmann

Sliding text easily can attract people and viewers spend more time to see what this sliding text is trying tell me, is it a message or, something else? Maybe you don’t know, making sliding marquee(text) is one of the most easiest thing on earth. Let’s go for the process-

This is a bold, Italic and coloured sliding text with clickable link

Watch the above text carefully, oh its a sliding marquee. The things you keep in mind while making something like this are-
  •  I need a sliding coloured text
  • A clickable link/  am anchor text
  • Larger or, smaller font size
  • Need to maintain sliding speed
All the above things are covered in the above text. Let’s analize the code now-

<marquee scrollamount=”4″><a href=”; style=”font-size: 22px;” target=”_blank”><span style=”color: #003300;”><b><i>This is a bold, Italic and coloured sliding text with clickable link </i></b></span></a></marquee>

Scrollmount= speed
href=”web page you need to show after clicking the text”
font-size= I don’t need to say. chnge 22px to your desired size
color:#003300 is a code, you can get any code like this for coor using pixie, a small application.
<i>For Italic text<i/><b>For Bold text<b/>

 I hope everything is clear now. If not comment box is open for everyone. Don’t forget us- remember that we are Tutorialsbangla. Google will help you to find us later.

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