Best Video Playing App For Android- MX player

Obviously free and most effective video player with greatest user satisfaction is Mx Player for mobile phones. We know that most of the mobile users are actually users of android operating system. Mx player by J2 interactive is the top app devoper according to google playstore.

I personally like this video player most. There are three reasons for choosing this app-
    1. Zooming Facility: Zooming is important for any video viewer. I can zoom very easily with couple of my fingers, its unavailable on default video player of my android phone. There are enough option for different form of zooming.
    2. Multiple Decoding To Play Videos: Its one of the most convincing thing that takes me toward this. HW decoder and SW decoder help me to play videos that I can’t play with other video players(most of the cases).
    3. Subtitle Gestures: Yeah you can play subtitle using this particular player with gesture. I am not a native Engliah speaker. So, its really tough for me to understand what people are saying. Subtitle is the only option in most of the cases that can help me to be connected with other people’s thinking.

Its really unfair to mention another features is child lock feature. It is obvious that you touch the screen and an unwanted feature of the app started. It happens as a natural phenomena. Locking video while watching can resist these unwanted things.

Online streaming option using MX payer should be mentioned. I said about  three features that I like most and now I have describe almost five. Use it to judge me and approximately four million people who rate this app 4.4 star.

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