Best Map App For Travel- Citymapper And More

photo credit: Willium Iven

Want to go somewhere, map is ready in your hand anytime to direct you to the right place. We are going to tell about some travel android apps. Those will help you for finding the best route of transportation. Most of the big cities of USA, Canada and Europe are covered in those apps.

CityMaps Offline Maps And Guides:

It works both online and offline. Where to eat, where to sleep, where to do….whatever you need is exist in this apps. This app is featured in New York times, Wall Street Journals, Techcrunch and so many popular newspapers and blogs. Among 4569 reviews it got an average of 4.3 star rating.

Maps, Navigation And Transit:

This app is made by Google Inc. Naturally it is an official app by google. People like ‘In Google we Trust’ can select this app for their tour or, travel guide. Among 6701047 reviewers it earned 4.3 star. 

This is the number one app according to average rating. Top developer and editors choice badge is visible on the right corner in Google playstore. Grand prize winner of Newyork app quest. Selected as design of the year 2014 by London design museum. 

All those three apps we have dicussed was got editors choice badge by Google. Your choice may vary from other, but it is safe to go with the choice of most of the people.  

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